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Professional fossil preparation adds a multitude of value to any paleontological specimen. Preparation is a necessary component to a fossil's scientific investment for future research.

What is fossil preparation?

Fossil preparation is the act of removing surrounding rocky matrix for use in paleontological research, or for exhibition.

Fossil preparation using an air abrasive micro-blaster on a fossil fish knightia alta

Fossilized remains of an eocene Gar fish species Atractosteus simplex

Who has their fossils prepared?

Anyone who possesses a fossil they may want to have cleaned, exposed, fixed, reinforced, etc... This could be required for academic institutions public and private, museum exhibits, private collections, showrooms and galleries, the list goes on...

Fossil preparation of a Priscacara serrata from the Green River Formation
Fossil preparation of a Priscacara serrata from the Green River Formation

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Fossil preparation of a stingray from the Green River Formation

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Fossilized remains of the pectoral fin of an Eocene age gar fish Atractosteus simplex species